Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fourteen Questions Not Answered on the Law Society's Articling FAQ Page

  1. humourous coffee mug, or no?
  2. what is the appropriate number of Batman posters with which to decorate one's law office?
  3. the mud and rust on my truck: too embarrassing to park where clients might see it?
  4. if I buy an expensive TV with my new income, but I have no time to watch it 'cause I'm always at work, have I really bought anything?
  5. can I wear headphones in my office, or do I have to sit in silence, saddened by the lack of Norwegian Black Metal in my life?
  6. my new firm laptop: will it be able to run Arkham Asylum?
  7. do I have to start eating adult food, or can I eat KD for lunch at my desk?
  8. how much of what I've seen on Mad Men still applies to the office environment?
  9. Harvey Dent: appropriate lawyer idol?
  10. bathing: like, every day?
  11. how much of my attention has to be on work for me to justify billing fifteen minutes while I watch The Daily Show?
  12. how do I respond when clients ask to be represented by someone with the ability to grow facial hair?
  13. will the Justin Bieber ringtone on my firm-provided phone negatively affect hireback?
  14. do I have to explain the whole articling process to girls at bars, or can I just start saying "I'm a lawyer" now?