Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Who needs another law blog?

The number of legal blogs in general and law student blogs in particular is quite staggering. This makes sense, since law students all came from liberal arts backgrounds and fancy themselves mavericks and rogues and undiscovered screenwriters, biding their time until their genius is recognized. And those who don't entertain fantasies of artistic glory instead romanticize the image of the Bay Street workaholic and can't wait to don the power suit; for these people, a blog, or -- ugh -- blawg is an effective way to raise one's visibility and make connections. There are law blogs from U of T, from Alberta and several from Dalhousie. However, with the exception of The Court (an academic publication) and the Property Law Blog (ostensibly defunct after nine posts, making it, improbably, even less successful than my own efforts), there seems to be little Osgoode Hall student presence online. Who needs another law blog? Osgoode does.

One significant obstacle comes to mind when considering such a goal: I don't know anything about anything. Most, if not all, of my peers at Osgoode are more knowledgeable, more capable and more passionate about their chosen field. Any one of them would be better suited than I to contributing opinion and analysis to emerging legal theory, political trends and Supreme Court decisions. Luckily for me, there are already plenty such commentators and I see no need to add to their ranks.

Where are the law bloggers who know nothing about the law and care less? Where are the bloggers for whom first year was a continuous marathon of The Wire and Battlestar Galactica? Where are the bloggers who left studying for their Criminal exam until the night before? Where are the bloggers who went to see the Roots perform in mid-April instead of learning about bailment, licences and leases? Those bloggers are here. At least, this one is. Honestly, just now it took me like three minutes of wracking my brain to even come up with those terms.

Stay tuned: there is more to come regarding my summer job as a research assistant for the Public Prosecutions Service of Canada, a position I have done little to earn and for which I am singularly unqualified.

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