Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fun with QuickLaw: the F word

I typed "fuck" into QuickLaw in one of many idle moments today. It got 1811 results. The winner was R. v. Littlecrow, [2007] S.J. No. 603, with 20 hits. Reproduced here is the scintillating passage that put it over the top:
46 A second telephone call was intercepted on November 12, 2004 (call fifteen), between Gerald and Donna. In respect to the trial, at page seven in response to Donna as to what Felicia should do, Gerald says she should "just talk to Roberta". "You (Donna) should go there and just ah ... fuckin' ask her if she's gonna show or anything." Donna: "Mmmm ... hmmm. See where she is."

47 On November 6, 2004 (call sixteen), Donna and Gerald spoke again on the telephone and the trial was apparently once more a topic of conversation. At page three Gerald asked if she got ahold of Roberta. Donna replied that Felicia said that when she went, nobody was home. Gerald said she should try again, "'cause fuck man two more days. 'Cause if I get found guilty I'm gonna be fuckin' ... they're probably gonna ask for two years. Fuck."

48 The same theme was allegedly addressed by Gerald and Donna in the final intercepted communication, which occurred on November 16, 2004 (call seventeen). At page fifty-three Gerald said "Well fuckin' take your walk there, Donna." To which she replied, "I'll ask Felicia when she gets back." Further, at page fifty-six Gerald says "Go for that walk today then Donna?" Her response, "Yes". Finally at page sixty-three he states "And go there because I want to get out." To which she replied, "Yes, yes".

49 The Crown submits that the foregoing nature of communications between Gerald Littlecrow and Donna Littlecrow constituted a scheme between them to attempt an obstruction of justice by dissuading material witnesses from testifying in the pending trial. The same allegation is made against the co-accused, Gregory Littlecrow. However, as noted, the focus for him was primarily one intercepted communication. It was part of the October 5, 2004 call (call seven). It appeared to have originated at a party, where various people took turns speaking to Gerald Littlecrow, including Gregory Littlecrow. The whole discussion between them, commencing at page twenty, line nineteen is as follows:

LITTLECROW: Yeah. Let me talk to Greg then.



UNKNOWN: Fuck no. Hahaha. Just Kidding. Hang on then.

GREG: Hey.

LITTLECROW: Hey. What's up dog?

GREG: Fuck all.


GREG: What'cha doing?

LITTLECROW: Fuck, just ... fucking sitting in my cell in a ...

GREG: (inaudible) sitting in your cell, playing jail bro?

LITTLECROW: You know how it is, eh.

GREG: Yeah. Playing jail.


GREG: So, fuck bro man. You might be out in two weeks if this shit goes good eh?

LITTLECROW: Well, next Tuesday I got court.

GREG: Next Tuesday bro?


GREG: Right on. Fuck. Fuckin' A.

LITTLECROW: Just tell him fuckin' ...

GREG: Yeah bro man.

LITTLECROW: Fuck. It's all good ...

GREG: We're ...

LITTLECROW: If you don't ...

GREG: We're gonna fuckin' go there man.

LITTLECROW: It's all good if you guys don't man.

GREG: Yeah.

LITTLECROW: Nothing more (inaudible) squashed be squashed if you don't show eh?

GREG: Yeah. Fuck yeah man. Yeah.

LITTLECROW: Just tell him that. Fuck.

GREG: Mmmhmm. And there's gonna be a lot of us to go there man. (inaudible)

LITTLECROW: Fuck yeah. It's a mission for you guys.

GREG: Yeah. That's our fuckin' drunken mission. Yeah. Not drunken, but fuckin' that's a mission. Yeah. Bro's gotta good Striker. Solid. Fuck. He's a good solid guy. He's got some pads on him. Fuck. He's not skinny man. He's a good guy. He's tall too.


GREG: About the same size as Elwood.


GREG: Yeah. But maybe he's a little bigger than Elwood. Young guy too, but fuck ...

LITTLECROW: Didn't tell you why?

GREG: Fuck, though he looks like Billy though. Haha.

LITTLECROW: Yeah. What time you guys get there then?

GREG: About half hour ago.


GREG: Just walked in. Happy birthday bro. We bought you a case of Colt. He just looks. Really. Haha. And then he comes out. Really. I was like yeah fuck, look. Haha.

LITTLECROW: Right on. Showing ... showing the cuz some love?

GREG: Fuck yeah man. It's his birthday and we're gonna keep going till bros birthday. But, me and bro probably go on a mission tomorrow and make some cash.

LITTLECROW: Oh yeah. Where's Elwood then?

GREG: He's sitting there having a beer. Hey bro. Can I have a drag?

LITTLECROW: Oh yeah. Let me talk to him. Uh ... birthday ... birthday boy.

GREG: Haha. Okay. Peace out bro.

I love it. I love it. What the fuck are they talking about? I think their "drunken ... not drunken" mission is to whale on somebody.

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