Friday, July 4, 2008

an undercover cop just came into the office

to speak to the Crown about his upcoming testimony. I've read a lot about him in police reports but I've never seen him. Very exciting. As is to be expected, he looks pretty rough around the edges. Picture this:Now imagine like the exact opposite of that. More than anything, he looked like a younger, sun-bleached Tommy Chong.

I understand why he looks this way -- if you're gonna lie, you should lie big, and nobody would accuse this guy of knowing how to spell cop, let alone of being one -- but it seems like overkill. How can a man have a decent life when his job requires him to look like a dangerous degenerate? Does the man have a wife and children? Are his children afraid of him? Conversely, if they are not afraid of their father, are they unnaturally affectionate toward or trusting of other skeezy junkies on the street? These questions trouble me.

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