Thursday, December 4, 2008

grinding my gears today:

American coverage of the Canadian "political crisis" never fails to mention the Governor General's role as representative of "the country's head of state, Queen Elizabeth II", as if we're a quaint imperial outpost rather than the North American democracy that still has a functional banking system. To wit:


Ryan Marr said...

You're telling me this evil, evil woman

is technically our head of state?

There is nothing quaint about that my friend!

Ryan Marr said...

look at those clouds....menacing!

Nick said...

Jesus, what a cloak!

Ken said...

Jesus: "I'm not wearing a cloak. It's blood, from the crown of thorns. For your sins.

So you're welcome."

Will said...

dear God

she's going from one colony to the next, cleaning up messes with extreme prejudice.

she just finished kicking some Afrikaaner ass in the Boer War and now she has set her sights on the Dominion.

Anonymous said...

A Canadian friend of mine said "Canada has just experienced a "coup d'etat" and no one has noticed. This is an outrageous event and needs to be reported. Why aren't CNN and other american news shows covering this story more?