Thursday, January 22, 2009

crack caffeine

EyeWeekly filed this under "cheap living". I file it under "dirty skids", which is a tag I haven't been able to use in a while. I admire the filmmaker's advice to erstwhile coffee dealers: peddling "black magic" is fine as long as you bill it as such, rather than as really dirty black-tar heroin. And there's nothing the police can do! (Except, you know, keep you in jail while they take their time ascertaining that the substance is actually coffee.) His postscript that this was in the interest of "freedom of information in the public service" was also amusing.

Still, it beats making half a pot of coffee in a cracked coffee press, which is what I've been reduced to.


Ryan Marr said...

trying to click on the video results in an enlarged version of your cracked coffee brewery. I think you might be having a technical issue. Too much caffeine?

Will said...

Damn ... I think it's fixed now.