Friday, January 30, 2009

three dozen police? now where will I sling my yay

So two guys take their beef to Osgoode subway station, one of them shoots the other, and now we need three dozen police officers patrolling the subway, in addition to the over 100 special constables already down there.

Don't call it panic or overreaction to an isolated incident: call it a stimulus package, intended to create law enforcement jobs.

Last night at dinner I overheard somebody say "yeah, I still take the subway, in spite of the shooting incidents."
  1. You're a hero. A subway hero. Like Jared.
  2. Incidents? Plural? Only one dude got shot, and he knew the suspect. Last year a woman got shot in the leg on a subway train entering Spadina station, but that was a year ago -- the TTC moves 1.5 million people a day. If you're not consorting with people such as Curt John (above, sporting a Blue Jays cap in the modern style and a coat that looks warm and capable of concealing a weapon and which I rather covet), you should breathe easy, or move to London, where assailants prefer knives to guns.

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