Saturday, January 23, 2010

New Life Goal

Some day, I will complete the Great Lakes NHL Arena Tour, which I have just invented.
This will complement my only other existing life goal (ACC season tickets), and is probably more attainable.

  • Complete the road trip in 8 days, starting on a Saturday night at Joe Louis Arena, and ending on a Saturday night at the ACC. During the intervening week attend games in Chicago, Columbus, Pittsburgh, and Buffalo. This will require an unlikely confluence of conveniently scheduled home games, cooperating weather, and the ability to take a week off at exactly the right time. But it's possible!
  • The tour may be completed in the reverse order, starting on a Saturday night at the ACC, and ending at Joe Louis Arena.
Varying Difficulty Levels:
  • Eat a hotdog and drink a beer in every arena.
  • Take a photo in front of every arena.
  • Obtain seats no worse than "gold" at the ACC, and the equivalent in the other arenas.
  • Obtain signatures from a player in each game -- six signatures over the course of the Tour.
  • Complete the Tour during the first round of the NHL playoffs.
  • Obtain signatures from at least one player from each team in each game -- twelve signatures over the Course of the Tour.
Statistically Improbable:
  • Complete the Tour during the second round of the NHL playoffs.
  • Only attend games which the home team will win.
  • Be mentioned on Coach's Corner on the final night of the Tour.

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