Friday, February 19, 2010

This Is Old City Hall, Day 17

There's a poster on a pole outside Old City Hall advertising something called Zeitgeist Toronto:
"We have the opportunity to build a new civilization. Your bankers, lawyers and politicians -- GONE because they are NO LONGER RELEVANT."

On Day 17, I heard a lawyer put forward the argument that his client had had "no intention of smoking crack", but had put a small quantity of the drug in his pocket "just to be polite" to an acquaintance.

If that's not a repudiation of the Zeitgeist platform, I don't know what is. How could society function without such fearsome advocacy?

  • Justice G---- has a giant portrait of Lenin mounted in his chambers. No matter what your political stripe, that is magnificent. I told him as much.
  • I met a lovely gentleman while waiting outside a courtroom. He was there to make his thirty-second court appearance for the purpose of obtaining counsel and setting a date for resolution or trial. | EDIT, February 20: I don't mean his court appearance was thirty seconds long. I mean he had appeared without a lawyer and pushed the matter back on thirty-one prior occasions.
  • Inscrutable handwritten note of the day: "Poor old man and creepy longhair -- what are they doing here?"

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