Thursday, January 15, 2009

now I want to work for this guy

So I sent a message to the coordinator of a London firm tour for Windsor Law students, asking permission to join the tour. I found his response peculiarly familiar until I realized that I had misspelled "hello".

To: ***** | From: Will McNair | Subject: Windsor Law firm tour

Hell Mr. *****,

I'm a student at Osgoode. My brother, who goes to Windsor, tells me that he's attending a London firm tour organized by his school tomorrow. My school offers no such tour; would it be possible for me to tag along?


Will McNair
Mr. ***** to me
Hell yes. We don't care if the cops come.
I copied and pasted the same permission request to four other firms, but somehow his was the only one with the spelling error. Whatever, I don't think he was too put off by it, and now I'll stand out from the Windsor students. Does it matter that I'll stand out because of my sub-par spelling/self-editing/competence? I don't think so.

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